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Cocktails for a Crowd

May 03, 2019

Cocktails for a Crowd

Every year, usually around the 4th of July, we pack up the kids and head down south for a week at the beach. We rent houses around Surf City and meet friends on the beach every day to boogie board, play games, read and hang out until the sun goes down. When the kids were teenagers and could be left at the house waiting on Dominos and playing video games, we’d make a beeline for our favorite dinner spot, eager to imbibe Kate’s latest cocktail creation before dinner.

Kate tended bar at our local beach haunt and was one of the reasons we kept coming back year after year! Kate is a super fun and vivacious person but best of all, she’s an amazing bartender. She has worked tending/managing bar for over 15 years and has quite the talent for blending flavors to make a uniquely delicious cocktail. She is very thoughtful and analytical about her creative process and always seems to find the right balance between sweet and sour.

When we told Kate about our idea to create a company that would make and distribute meal and vacation essential kits, Kate suggested adding cocktail kits to our product list. Knowing that no vacation is complete without the perfect cocktail, we jumped at the idea! The goal was to use pure ingredients with unique flavors that provide vacationers pitcher drinks of all sizes. Kate utilizes a variety of ingredients such as crystalized honey and citrus as well as fruit juices, mixers and sparkling waters. In a few of the kits, she even has you brewing tea to boost the flavor profiles. Her creations include our top sellers, the Island Dream, Citrus Swizzle and Sunshine Sangria. 

Kate’s Cocktail Kits work like this… by combining the ingredients provided in the kit with the appropriate alcohol, you can create a delicious beverage in your own home without all the fancy tools or time-consuming prep. For example, the Sunshine Sangria comes with the ingredients shown below, as well as instructions

and a list of ingredients needed to complete the kit (see below). 

It’s that simple….

Because the kits come in a variety of serving sizes and alcohols, everyone will find something they enjoy. The kits are great for vacation because they simplify cocktail hour, travel well and shorten your to-do list. They also make great hostess gifts and are fantastic party starters. So the next time you’re planning a party or weekend getaway or just an evening out back, unleash your inner mixologist and create a fun experience as well as a delicious beverage everyone will enjoy!


 Nicki, Kate & Carrie











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