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3 Reasons Why Meal Kits Make Sense on Vacation

April 01, 2019

3 Reasons Why Meal Kits Make Sense on Vacation

Our annual trip to the beach always begins with a 4:30am alarm, followed by an 8hour drive through Baltimore, DC and Richmond. If you’ve ever lived on the east coast and have tried to travel south, I don’t have to tell you how important timing and route planning can be. But however stressful and time consuming the drive, when I cross that bridge onto Topsail Island and get sight of the ocean, my shoulders relax and I remember why I come back year after year. There is just something about the sound of the waves that is very restorative and peaceful. However, the beach always has to wait because once I get “my people” to the rental, I have to fight my way back off the island to the grocery store so I can get the house stocked for the week.

The supermarket is generally filled with people, just like me trying to get their vacations started with as little pain as possible. In my zeal to get back to the beach and limit my return trips, I typically end up over buying and by the time I make it back to the rental house, I’ve usually lost most of the first day. This is exactly why we created Grab & Go Meal Kits, Cocktail Kits and Vacation Essential Kits. Here are the top 3 reasons why these kits make sense when you finally land in paradise.

1. Meal Kits Save Time & Money 

One of the worst things to hear on vacation apart from, “where is the ER?”, is “what’s for dinner?”. Eating out is part of the fun of being away from home, but let’s face it, after about 3 meals, my body and my wallet need a home cooked meal. Having the meal kits with me, I don’t have to decide what’s for dinner. On those nights when I just can’t stare another cheese hamburger or pepperoni pizza in the face, the kits make meal prep quick and relatively painless. This leaves me with my family fed and my sanity intact. I still have to go to the supermarket, but my list is much shorter and I am able to resist the urge to overbuy. The best part, I get to the beach that much quicker.  The Ginger Zinger is my favorite cocktail kit and is the perfect adult beverage for my first day on the beach.

2. Grab & Go Meal Kits and Cocktail Kits are Earth Friendly 

Have you ever driven along a beach town on a late Saturday afternoon in the summer, right before the rental switch over for the week? The trash cans bulge with everything from beer and pop cans to empty boxes and broken beach toys. Everything left over from the week before gets tossed including all sorts of food, plastic bags, batteries and even beach chairs. It really is shocking and makes one stop and consider the impact on the earth. Our Grab & Go Meal Kits come with pre-portioned seasonings and dry ingredients so nothing gets wasted and even the bags are recyclable. We also use organic and non-GMO ingredients whenever possible. Our laundry soaps and dish soaps are scented with essential oils and come in four different sizes so you only buy what you need, keeping waste to a minimum.    

3. The Kits Travel Well

If you’re like me and like to have things pretty much squared away before hitting the road, you will want to order your kits before you leave and take them with you. Most of the kits’ ingredients fall under the 3.4oz limit so if you’re traveling by plane, you don’t have to check a bag. The meal and cocktail kits contain all the dry ingredients you need so there is no worry about refrigeration or spoilage. They wait patiently on the shelf and are ready to go when you are. This makes them ideal for packing into the car, backpack, camper or RV when heading out on vacation.

So do yourself, and your little piece of paradise a favor and give the kits a try. I'll look for you on the beach....


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